Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My wedding day...

My Wedding... On May 21st 2010 Michael and I got married and it was so much nicer that I would have ever imagined. The day was perfect for us..
 Everything was put together for us by mostly members of Mayo First Baptist. The preacher came to us after he heard of our engagement and asked our plans. We told him that we was not really sure yet. Our finical plans were just not really good enough to think about a date. We told him really wanted to just were waiting on the time he told us if we kept waiting on the money to be right it would never happen. That thought stayed with us and we finally made the choice to do it no matter what...
 At this time we were thinking we would just go into the preacher's office and say our I  do's and then we would be married. Everyone made it so much better than we ever dreamed.

 The Rev. Daryl Tollenson married us, my dad walked me down the isle, the most awesome Libby Chapman played the piano, Tammy and Tim Burrow played music, my kids got to stand with me, Kerry and Dunn got to stand with us( the couple that set us up), Christie and Frank was standing with us( friends that have really been there for us), Ashley Tollenson took pictures for us and made us a cake, Kathy Williams decorated the church, and I know I missed some names and I will feel bad if I know they read this and I did not mention there name because I am so grateful...
 All of the guest that came would have been the only thing that made me a little sad because none of my mom's family was there but I am aware that I must respect my mom's religion if I want her to respect my wishes. She is a Jehovah's Witness and they do not believe in going into a church so I must be OK with it. She is my mom and I do wish she would have been there and she would be proud of the happiness I have found in my search for God, but that is a whole new blog. I was missing a lot of my family but just about all  of Michael's family was there, I was very glad of that. There was also a lot of people from church that took the time out of there day to come and see Michael and I get married. I was amazed in that. I just did not think people cared enough to come but I am so thankful and blessed.
Those people at MFB will never know how happy they made me. I will never be able to tell them thank you enough. I pray that I can one day make someone as happy as they have made me.
 Michael and I truly do love each other and he is just the most sweetest, loving man that I always dreamed of finding. We would have been just fine with a courthouse wedding but having the wedding we did have is just beyond our dreams.

 I am so very thankful to have the wonderful man I have, the most awesome children, and such a wonderful church family..... I never dreamed I could find this kind of happiness!!

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