Sunday, June 13, 2010

The meaning of Faith

Just thinking about how greedy of a person I can be... You know I am always just wanting money for this and money for that but it is because I just want to be sure my family is taken care of but boy have I got a slap in the face. The past two weeks Michael and I decided to start paying our tithes and that was hard not to mention we have already given up so many other ways we had money or food since we got married. It was scary and still is but we have not wanted for anything. As the Preacher said today in church, Did anyone not have food this past week, did anyone not have a roof on over there head, or how about clothes on our back. Faith is a hard thing to accept and believe but it is like air you can not see it, smell it, etc. It is one of those things that if you really love God and you really want to serve him and you just give yourself to him, HE WILL TAKE CARE OF HIS PEOPLE!! A person of God must realize that money is not everything and when your day of judgement comes your money or nice things will not matter. It is so crazy the feeling that I have for God now!! I love him and I want to tell people, I want them to know how he has changed mine and Michael's life. I know there will be more scary days where I will worry but I am really going to have faith in my Lord and Savior. One more thing the Preacher said today that stuck with me is that when I pray to God I am praying to the one who created everything!!! Why not trust my life and well being with him...I am so very blessed that I found God in my life and I just pray that my faith just keep getting stronger and stronger. Thank You Jesus for dying on that cross so that I can let my past life of sin be the past....

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