Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Resolutions!!!

This year has came and gone so fast, it is just hard to believe. I got my resolutions ready so here we go...
1. Get my depression taken care of. I know I have a problem and I love my family to much to just let it get me. Don't knock someone with depression unless you have suffered from it. It truly gets you and is so hard to control
2. LOSE WEIGHT... I don't even know how I got this fat so fast but I am  and I got to lose it
3. Be a better wife
4. Be a better parent
5. Get closer to God 
6. Be more productive
7. Watch my anger
8. Keep a cleaner house
9. Pray more
10. Try to stop pleasing others so much

There you have it, my 10 New Years Resolutions for 2012

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

100 facts about me!!!

It is my 100th post... so here is 100 facts about me!!!!
1.My whole name is Amanda Gail Hardin Tuck
2. I have 3 wonderful kids, Josh,Katie,and Ada
3.I have a wonderful husband Michael Tuck
4. I am going to palmetto beauty college
5.I seriously want to lose weight
6. I miss having friends that I use to have
7. I am a sinner saved by Christ's grace!!
8. I have been married three times
9. My birthday is 5-3-79
10. Josh's birthday is 4-20-01
11. Katie's birthday is 3-29-03
12. Ada's birthday is 10-10-08
13. My wedding anniversary is May 20th
14. My favorite color is blue
15. My favorite food is Lobster
16. My favorite drink is Sprite
17. My favorite actor is Nicholas Cage
18. I love love Clemson football!!
19. I love football period
20. My best friend is Christie Bradburn
21. My have the best dad in the world
22. I have 3 half sisters and one half brother
23. I was raised half Jehovah witness and half Baptist
24. I do believe in love at first sight
25. Michael Tuck is my soul mate!
26. My kids are my life
27. I love going to church
28. I have learned a lot of hard lessons in life
29. I am way too trust worthy
30. I have major social anxiety
31. I hate people that pretend to like me but don't
32.I love to blog
33. I love tv
34. I am scared of mice
35.I love cats
36. I love to shop
37. I wish I had stronger faith
38. I cry easily
39. I don't have good eyes
40. I had to have a major back surgery in 06
41. I wish I had more friends
42. I do have a problem with depression and that sucks
43. I forgive easy
44. I love chocolate
45. I love Young and the Restless
46. I love country music the best
47. I love all music
48. I love buying things for other people
49. 2 years ago my daughter, Katie had a really bad 4 wheeler wreck
50. I love to sit in hot tubs
51. I love to swim
52. I love going on long drives
53. I hate seeing other people hurt
54. I hope to hit the lottery one day
55. A lot of things still bother me from my past
56. I have migraines
57. I have a lot of pain from my back surgery
58. I like to take long walks by myself
59. I hate hypocrites 
60. I wish I had a closer family
61. I waited tables for a long time
62. I have been arrested several times in my past
63. In my past, I did a lot of partying 
64. I hope to travel one day
65. My kids always make me smile
66. Never been on a plane
67. When depressed or upset I turn to food
68. I love to look at paintings
69. I like history
70. I like doing hair
71. favorite holiday is Halloween
72. I wish my kids could stay babies forever
73. If I had more money, I would want another baby
74. I dream a lot
75. It is sometimes hard for me to let things go
76. I wish I had smaller feet
77. I wish smoking pot was not illegal. Truth be told :/
78. I wish Michael would stop smoking
79. Mine and Michael's Hotel we always go to is the Holiday Inn in Duncan :) LOL That is our place
80. Michael was the first man to buy me a real diamond
81. I wish I was a better house cleaner
82. I wish Michael would take better care of his diabetes
83. I love to take long hot baths
84. I think I will always struggle with this stupid face acne
85. I breast fed all three of my kids for 3 months
86. I am crazy when I get really mad
89. I am glad I gave another religion a try besides Jehovah Witnesses. 
90. I don't judge other people for there choice of relgion
91. I am glad to be an American
92. I hate cancer
93. I worry way to much
94. I argue with my mom  a lot but I do love her
95. My car is ALWAYS dirty
96. I wish I had bigger boobs
97. I know God has helped me with a lot of problems
98. I know my kids love me and that is the best feeling ever!!
99. I love to get flowers
100. I like to read my horoscope just for the fun of it!!
Well there you have it.... 100 facts about Amanda Tuck

Monday, December 19, 2011

Ada singing :)

Depression strikes again

This is one of those days or we can say one of those weeks... I know I struggle with depression and really bad social anxiety. I really wish I did not, but I do. I guess the season don't help and the fact that I really try so hard to fit in but I just don't feel like I do. I so remember the days when I had so many friends it was almost like they fought over me but now I have No girlfriends, my husband works all the time and I truly have the most dysfunctional family ever. I just get so down that I don't won't to move. Food and bed seem to be my only comfort. I feel so bad because I have to most wonderful kids and yet I am to busy being depressed. I so know it is a fact, that you can not control depression and the social anxiety that I have. I cannot wait to go to the doctor and hope to get on medication. That also could be a problem for me, we don't have health insurance and I have had back surgery, so I really hurt. It is not easy, then I feel guilty for always being down when I know of so many people that are having hard times but I really cannot control it. New Years resolution # 1... find a way to deal with my personal problems, #2 I need friends

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More of 2011 Christmas play

Josh and Katie both did such a great job... A mama has got some bragging rights :)

Wordless Wednesday...Clemson going to the Orange bowl

2011 Christmas play

This year Katie had a solo in the Christmas play and did a wonderful job !! They always make a mama proud :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Five question friday!!

1. What is your favorite Christmas cookie?
 I am just plain Jane,I like peanut butter cookies!!
2. What's your favorite holiday movie & why?
 Home Alone because my kids love it and I have seen it a million and one time but still laugh everytime
3. Is there a gift that you bought for your kids that you wish you hadnt after they opened it? Well I have a 3 year old so I always regret the noise makers

4. What is the messiest room in your house right at this moment?
  Gotta say it is my bedroom. That is where all the clothes go after the dryer and they are piled high on clothes baskets. Not to mention my husband works second so that is a room that is hard to clean because of different sleep times
5. What is the furthest you have driven for the holidays?
I don't have family out of town so the furthest I have been is the big town of Woodruff! LOL

Having a heavy heart

 It is almost Christmas time again! It really can be the most wonderful time of the year. I have realized this year that I have so much to be grateful for, I have my family and as far as I know we are pretty healthy. Just a few weeks ago a wonderful lady passed away from a two year battle with cancer and she was only 46!! I know God has a plan but I just pray when it comes my time to be challenged I can be as strong as some of the people I have seen lately with there faith being tested. I also know another great Christian man that is battling cancer, Randy Anderson is his name, and every time I text him to see how he is doing his reply is always "everything is going as planned" that just amazes me. My heart has just been so heavy for the families of all the cancer victims. It will truly be a blessed day when sickness will be no more.Till that day I know we got to leave it all in Gods hands and trust in him. I know he has helped me so much in my life. How great is our God??