Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Three monkey's.... Wordless Wednesday!

Going to school.....

 That is right, I am going back to school!! I am going to Palmetto Beauty College and I love it. I took cosmetology way back in high school but I did not finish so I decided to go back. I got to admit, it is a real challenge with me trying to find a babysitter for Ada but so far I am doing it. I do not get to go everyday like I wish I could go because Michael may not be at home or who knows but usually I get to get my hours that I need for a week.
 You have to have 1500 hours to finish and I have like 130 hours!!!!! Oh Yeah!! but you got to start somewhere. I just can't wait to finish and to make money doing something I love doing. My kids and husband are really excited for me too and it should take me about a year if I can get the hours I need to get.... I will for sure be blogging more about this subject!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ada turns 3

 Today my baby Ada Kathleen Tuck turns three... It is so amazing at how fast time goes. I remember everything about this day just like it was yesterday. I think about it and I remember every part of her three years of life. I have been joined at the hip with her. I now go to school but I still don't miss much because she stays up with her dad that works second shift and when I say this child sleeps to one o'clock in the afternoon trust me I mean it. I love her so much, just like my other children, each one holds a special part in my heart.
 Ada has such a unique personality, she is so loud and demanding at home but in front of people you think she is all quite and innocent. She does not like to be away from home too much, and at night time she wants her bed, witch is my bed. Yes, Ada sleep with her daddy and I. She loves to eat, Ada will eat you out of house and home, she love and I mean loves to dance and sing. It is so funny, when I put a song on TV she has to put on a princess dress and get ready before she can dance and sing to song. Thank goodness for charter on demand!! 
  My little Ada also can carry a major attitude, she can stand her on ground with other kids. I hope she will not be a bully... There is nothing better in the world than getting hugs and kisses for Ada. When she kisses you, she will lay one on ya. LOL
  Her favorite shows on TV would have to be, Good luck Charlie, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Sid the science kid. Her favorite movies would be Rio, Tinkerbell, and Rango.
Her favorite songs is anything by Katy Perry, and Selena Gomez
Her favorite sayings would be... Shame Shame Shame, OMG [ I am trying to get her to stop saying that, but we keeping it honest],  I am telling, and the list really goes on and on.....

Well there you have just some thing that make my Ada who she is. We love her so so so much and every year I get sad because my babies are getting older. I wish I could keep them little forever :(