Thursday, July 28, 2011

Today will be a great day!!

 Today will be a great day and that is my goal.... to be more grateful and positive in my life. This has been a different and stressful week. I never wanted to have any problem in church but it seems that it went that way this week. It is a situation where I talked about how I felt but really not sure that is what I wanted to do. Me and this person of conflict had to talk and now I just feel like things are worse. I hope not but I am not going to let this situation affect my life anymore. I have to stay focused on what I need in life. I have did my share of prayer on the situation and I do think God has spoke to me this week. I have really kept my life full of hearing "the word" and I think the Holy Spirit got to me. I have thought about just going to another church but I am not going to do that because I go a church already where God has placed me and that is where I belong. I pray the best for everyone and pray they stay with God. If someone is face with what they did wrong and then they distance themselves from church .... I just pray for them. I pray for others also, don't judge a situation before you know the whole story or both sides. Sometimes it may just be stepping back and looking at the situation to see what the real deal is. Also, if God has given you a role on this earth that is pleasing to him, be grateful. Forget about how hard the job is and just realize what a wonderful job you have and if you have  good heart about it, how pleasing it is to the one that matters.
I know sometime it is hard to see a situation for what it really is but you know it does not matter who we are... we can all be fooled. I just hate to see that someone is being fooled like I was. Keep your eyes open, keep your eyes open.