Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day 2011

Happy Father's Day 2011 to my wonderful Daddy.....
 Every Father's day that comes and goes, at the end I have to just stop and be so grateful to have a dad that is always by my side, a wonderful Papa, such a hard worker, a believer in Christ, and that is still here for me to love!! I just can't imagine the day when I will not have my parents, because I don't think I will ever know how much I take them for granted. I don't have perfect parents but I know without a doubt that I got parents that love me and my kids unconditional.
 I have always been a daddy's girl, but besides that my dad never gave up on me when the whole world had gave up on me, my dad was always there for me. The words I say will never describe how much I love him!! He truly owns a huge part of my heart!! I love you Daddy!!