Monday, May 31, 2010

A change in the working...

I am slowly but surly working my way to getting Baptized, and it is crazy how excited I am. It has been scary getting as far as I am now because I admit it is hard to trust someone you cannot see but I have prayed and I now have faith. I refuse to get Baptized until my life is right because I am doing this for all the right reasons. I got the biggest thing out of the way and that was getting married. I could not be happier to be the wife of Michael Tuck but our issues were financial. We did it, and are changing those last little things in our life and I got to tell you we really are not scared anymore. At first all I could think about was money money money, but I really know that God will take care of us. I know he has helped me so much. One of the biggest ways I can see he is helping me personalty is that I am a person that hold grudges. I can forgive a person but it is so very hard for me to forget but I really have prayed and I can feel how he has helped me with that issue. There is so many other ways I know he has helped me and I am so ready to give my life to my savior. I am so excited to have my family serving the Lord together.
Things I continue to pray about is to let go of things and people. I guess change is hard for me and it is often hard for to let go of people in my life that have always been in my life but I know that everything will work out and who knows maybe if people see how much I have changed my life they too will one day want to do the same thing.
Another thing is the way I worry.. I am always worrying about tomorrow when the bible plainly tells you to just worry about today for we do not know what tomorrow brings and if he took care of the lilies of the Field then he will take care of me if I put him first. It is crazy how much of my time I waste worrying about Christmas for my kids or birthday presents. I pray that I can stop worrying so much and enjoy life a little bit more.
One last thing I hope to change is how shy and nervous I can get around people. I am not shy at all once people know me but when I around new people for some reason I get so shy and nervous and I don't want that. I want to make lots of true friends that love God. It is just hard to do when I become a turtle in a shell. I pray for that as well. I want to meet people and not be nervous.
There is many more things I hope to change but those are a couple of the main things. I know everything will take time and I am so ready to take this new adventure in life. It will be such a great feeling and already is a great feeling to be sitting in church with my kids. I am trying to be a good role model for my kids and I know this is the best way. Thank you Jesus for all you have done for me....

Sunday, May 30, 2010

nana mouskouri - amazing grace

My all time favorite song!! It speaks truth to me and tells my story. I cry every time I hear this song but this truly is my favorite song...

MercyMe - Lord I lift your name on high

music that makes my day just a little better!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Hero

As I am slowly getting some of my wedding pics I am going to try and blog about them so why not start with one of my favorite men and number one hero... My Daddy... I love my dad so much and am so happy he got to walk me down the isle. He was nervous but when he is nervous he always plays it off by being funny and that he was. He kept cracking everyone up. I know I make my dad happy now with the choices I am making in life. I know he is happy that I have decided to not only have my kids in church but I too want to be there and get my life right with God. Not only do I want too, I know it makes him so happy that "my husband" also wants to change his life around. I am not changing my life for my dad but it is a great feeling to go to bed at night and know the man that has did so much for me is proud of me. I will never forget those times when I went " a little wild" and those times I did really wrong and I had to look at him in the face and I remember tears in his eyes because I had disappointed him so much. It is a great feeling to know that I am making him proud. I love my daddy and thank him so much for always being on my side....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One Fetish

In life I don't have many fetishes but one that I do have is I like to have cool and nice sunglasses but geez I just cannot keep up with them or Ada breaks them. The funny part of this story is maybe 2 months ago Kerry bought me a pair of sunglasses from Hotspot and they only cost $1.00 and this past weekend Michael bought me a pair of Ninewest sunglasses and tonight Ada broke them:(. Like I always tell Katie it is her responsibility to keep up with her glasses so it is my fault. I should have had them put up better but I really really did like my sunglasses. At least I still have my ones from Hotspot!! Gotta love the cheap ones because they are the ones that seem to last.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Honeymoon!!

It is official!! I am now Mrs. Amanda Tuck!!! The day finally came, and it was perfect!! I am so blessed for the people I have in my life. When Michael and I dreamed of getting married I don't think we ever dreamed of it being so perfect. From what I hear I looked extremely nervous but that is OK because it is true, I do not do well in front of crowds of people but that is OK at least I was keeping it real.
I am going to blog about the wedding later when I get more pictures back so it will be soon but as of now I can talk about the honeymoon! It was perfect!! We just escaped up the road to our Hotel!! The Holiday Inn Express in Duncan, SC. We stayed there for 3 nights and it was great!! We had a hot tub and each other!! We did some shopping and some eating and some sleeping!! If you are a stay at home mother to 3 kids, then you totally understand what a little get away can be!! I must admit, I missed them and was glad to see them but it is still nice to get away and breathe.
I love Michael and I am so so very happy to be his wife...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One more day!!

It is now one day till I get married!! I must admit I am feeling kinda nervous! I for sure am not nervous about marrying Michael, I know how much I love him and in return I know how much he loves me. I am kinda scared of falling on my face, people showing up and everything just going smooth...
I will still be very blessed if not one person shows up because I know how lucky I am to have met these wonderful people that are putting this wedding together for Michael and I. We feel so blessed to have Mayo First Baptist in our lives, not to mention how lucky we are to have our friends. Michael and I are so ready to get married and be a part of this wonderful church and I just hope one day I will be able to help make someone as happy as they have made us.
One thing is for sure, I am so ready to drop the "Martin" as a last name. That was such a big mistake I made in my life, getting that last name (Witch is a completely different story). I am so ready to be a "Tuck" and not a "Martin" YAY!!!
I love Michael and am so ready to be his Wife!!!!

Just smile as you go..: Wordless Wednesday: Michael had Hair!!!

Just smile as you go..: Wordless Wednesday: Michael had Hair!!!

Wordless Wednesday: Michael had Hair!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Bachlorette Party!!

Two weeks before my big wedding day Kerry, Christie, and Leslie took me out for My Bachlorette Party!! The day started out fun but my sister had way too much to drink so we all sorta had to take care of her. We first tried to go to a place called Little D's but my sister left her ID at home and you had to have a ID to get in so we left and ended up at this little hole in the wall place that I don't even know the name of the place. We stayed a few hours and then my sister was ready to go home so we had to leave.
More than anything I am just grateful that they took me out before I got married. Things did not go exactly as we had planned but it was for sure the thought that counted. It will be something I will never forget and I am truly grateful!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

staying positive

So, one week from today I get married and just as my luck would be it seems as if everything is going wrong:( I am really trying to keep my head up but it is hard. I have been depressed all week because my mom is not speaking to me and I have no idea why not, she gets in crazy moods but she is still my mom, Michael is depressed because none of his friends took him out for a bachelor party, I cannot get in touch with the Matron of honor so she can try on her dress to see if it fits and she is also supposed to be the person that babysits for me so Michael and I can have a small honeymoon. I am really trying to stay positive. We will be OK if we can't take a small break because at least we will not be living in sin anymore. I know everything will be OK, I just have always seemed to be a very unlucky person in life so I am really hoping things will be OK. I love my husband to be and I just want to be his wife..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Prayer is amazing..

I know if I am going to be blogging then I must blog about the most tragic time of my life... Two years ago on March 30th 2008 one day after Katie's Birthday I just happened to be standing at my kitchen window and seen Josh and Katie riding there 4 wheelers, I was actually talking on the phone but I still noticed that Katie was going a little fast and had a scared look on her face, and right before my eyes Katie flips the 4 wheeler and it throws her up in the air and makes her face hit a tree then she lands and gets twisted up in a Hammett. I was in shock but I naturally ran outside and got her out of the Hammett. At first I did not know she was hurt as bad as she was, I knew we were going to the ER but I had no idea it was as bad as it was. So, I get us ready and as we are going to Mary Black hospital I then see it is bad because by the time we go to the ER both her eyes were completely swollen shut and she was trying to pass out on me. I then was getting really scared!! I ran her in the ER and they took me straight back and started working on her and doing x-rays!! They came back with the first round of x-rays and told me that all the bones in her face from the nose up were broke!! Her nose at least broke in 4 places, her eye sockets were both broke and she said places that she did not even know, were broke!! I almost blacked out!! A nurse actually made me sit down!! Before I knew it, they were rushing us to Greenville Memorial and there they did lots more x-rays and CT scans, and lots of other test.
Katie and I ended up staying the hospital for 4 days and after 4 days she looked like another child. She heeled right up!! It was so amazing!! We had to go to alot of doctors appointments but she is as good as new today. I am so thankful! She had so many people praying for her and so many visitors that came all the way to Greenville to see her. Till this day I am so thankful for all the prayers that was sent her way. God is so good!! I am forever grateful to all the people that was there for us.....

Singing there little hearts out!!

Dancing and singing about Jesus!!

More of dancing and singing for Jesus

Monday, May 10, 2010

Josh's 9th Birthday..

Wow!! My baby boy had his 9th birthday party! He is growing up so fast, I remember everything about the day he was born. My little 7lb 14oz , and 21 1/2 inches long little baby boy born on April 20th 2001!! My first baby, I was in a horrible marriage but at the moment he was born I did not care because he was a reason to live, work, smile, be happy!! I was a mother!!
I am still just as proud of him today as I was 9 years ago!! I hope I make my kids proud. I love them so much and so thankful Michael came into our lives so I can be home with my babies and so thankful he is a good daddy to my babies.
Josh always makes me so proud!! This year he has gotten baptized and that too is a moment I will never forget! He is always making me something and always bringing me those good grades home.. I love you Joshua Hardin Weeks....

Mother's Day

Mother's Day.... This year Mother's day was good for me but I made the mistake of letting Josh and Katie go spend the night a friends house so I woke up and really, really missed my babies and then I went to church without them and it just got worse. When I got home, Michael went and got them for me because I guess he knew how bad I was depressed because I was away from them. Things were better once they were home. They gave me my gifts witch were a bracelet that they got me from Helzberg's together and then some homemade gifts (witch are always the best when they come from your babies) After they got home I was still kinda sad for the rest of the day and I guess it is maybe because Michael and I just don't have family on holiday's like other family's. My mom don't celebrate holiday's so my dad just stays in bed all day and I guess my sisters do to and then Michael just don't have closeness to his family, so I guess just seeing everyone else close to their family yesterday got me depressed. I cried so much yesterday and I wish I would not have. I just hope our family we are building will be close. I don't won't my kids to ever fill that emptiness I have always felt on holiday's. I think all holidays should always be about family. I really hate the way my family is so disfuntional. If my mother did not have a dinner for all holidays and wanted respect for her religion it would be different but my mother does have a dinner on Christmas, but she don't celebrate it!! Lord please let me give my kids all the family they need. Please don't anyone get me wrong, I do respect and love my mother, I guess that is why it hurts because I want to be with her on Mother's day and show her how much I love her but all she can say is, Now you know I don't celebrate holidays!! It has a chain reaction to my whole family, you don't see any of them. Before Michael's Grandmother passed away we did go to her house and I was busy with his family but now he hardly talks to his family. Before that I was always working on Mother's day so this was the first one I just felt alone.
Next year.. I will start something new!! I am going to start having a small Mother's day dinner at my house every year because I want my kids to grow knowing that is a day of family time. Mother's day was still great because I am so blessed to have my wonderful babies. They are AWESOME!! I love them so much!! They were happy it was just me a little sad. I am so very lucky for our little family Michael and I have in these walls of our home. I love them all so much!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Katie's Birthday

With Josh's party coming up and mine just passed, I wanted to be sure and blog about Katie's Birthday sleepover. This year I did Josh and Katie's birthday's different. I usually do them a party together but I guess they are getting to big and they don't won't that anymore so I give them both sleepover's. Katie's was a princess sleepover. My little girl was turning 7 and I wanted to do the sleepover before she thinks she is to big for that. Her party turned out very good, she had alot of people show up and at the end Kerry stayed all night with me to help out as we kicked all the boys out. We did all the girls make up and then I let them do my make up!!! Just enjoy the pics.

Rubbing Alcohol...

OK, so today we had a big scare.... Katie was cleaning her earrings with rubbing alcohol and Ada comes along and turns the whole bottle up!! As soon as I seen what was happening, I start getting ready to go to the ER. As I was getting ready Michael got intouch with the poison control and they calmed us down. Ada did throw up but they said that was normal and to just keep a watch on her. They said if she keeps on throwing up then go to the ER. Wow!! That was really scary. In the end she is great and everything is ok. You can never be to careful when there is a toddler around. Needless to say the gate is up and I am going to be more careful..

Monday, May 3, 2010


Today was my birthday and I loved it. If you are a full time mother, then you know how special the small gifts are such as time to just relax and not cook!! Michael cooked for me and the kids helped clean the house... I am very grateful:) Later this week I am going to get my hair colored but nothing will beat being cooked for and being lazy while other people cook. My sweet Michael also made the dinner he cooked special by adding a candle:) After that he bought me just a single rose, to just say I love you!!

I love my Daddy:)

I love my dad so I got to share what he did for my birthday.. He built me a front porch in like two days!! WOW!! I love that man. He has always been there for me.....All we got to do is put some sides on it so Ada won't go falling off. My dad has such great talent!! I love my daddy!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spring Fling!!

The Spring Fling 2010!! We had fun, but man was we tired. We got home at 10:00 but felt like it was about 2:00 am. The kids really had fun!! All of the local bands signed all the kids arms with permanent marker!! That was really fun to wash off but it made the kids feel special so why not!
Ada had her first dance with her daddy!! That was great and I am so glad I got a picture of that!
All in all it was great fun with my family and Kerry but she my family!! She is my sister from another Mother:)

31 and feeling lucky

What a better day to start blogging than my birthday!! Today I am 31!! I must say it is a little hard to get older but I must look at the bright side of things, I am doing pretty good for myself. I am engaged to a great man that I know loves me, I am a good Mom, and I am on the right track to getting my life right with God. Along with that Michael is doing it with me and it is such a great feeling to know my whole family is trying to live for God. So, yes I am a year older but I am proud of myself. I have been close so many times of going down the wrong road and I am so lucky to be at the place I am at today. Thank you Lord for all you have done for me. I am so looking forward to getting married to the man I love and then getting Baptized, then becoming a member of a Church that has did so much for me.
On today I thought I should have a pic. of all those special people that make we want to be a better person. I am a lucky 31 year old:)