Saturday, May 15, 2010

staying positive

So, one week from today I get married and just as my luck would be it seems as if everything is going wrong:( I am really trying to keep my head up but it is hard. I have been depressed all week because my mom is not speaking to me and I have no idea why not, she gets in crazy moods but she is still my mom, Michael is depressed because none of his friends took him out for a bachelor party, I cannot get in touch with the Matron of honor so she can try on her dress to see if it fits and she is also supposed to be the person that babysits for me so Michael and I can have a small honeymoon. I am really trying to stay positive. We will be OK if we can't take a small break because at least we will not be living in sin anymore. I know everything will be OK, I just have always seemed to be a very unlucky person in life so I am really hoping things will be OK. I love my husband to be and I just want to be his wife..

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