Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Prayer is amazing..

I know if I am going to be blogging then I must blog about the most tragic time of my life... Two years ago on March 30th 2008 one day after Katie's Birthday I just happened to be standing at my kitchen window and seen Josh and Katie riding there 4 wheelers, I was actually talking on the phone but I still noticed that Katie was going a little fast and had a scared look on her face, and right before my eyes Katie flips the 4 wheeler and it throws her up in the air and makes her face hit a tree then she lands and gets twisted up in a Hammett. I was in shock but I naturally ran outside and got her out of the Hammett. At first I did not know she was hurt as bad as she was, I knew we were going to the ER but I had no idea it was as bad as it was. So, I get us ready and as we are going to Mary Black hospital I then see it is bad because by the time we go to the ER both her eyes were completely swollen shut and she was trying to pass out on me. I then was getting really scared!! I ran her in the ER and they took me straight back and started working on her and doing x-rays!! They came back with the first round of x-rays and told me that all the bones in her face from the nose up were broke!! Her nose at least broke in 4 places, her eye sockets were both broke and she said places that she did not even know, were broke!! I almost blacked out!! A nurse actually made me sit down!! Before I knew it, they were rushing us to Greenville Memorial and there they did lots more x-rays and CT scans, and lots of other test.
Katie and I ended up staying the hospital for 4 days and after 4 days she looked like another child. She heeled right up!! It was so amazing!! We had to go to alot of doctors appointments but she is as good as new today. I am so thankful! She had so many people praying for her and so many visitors that came all the way to Greenville to see her. Till this day I am so thankful for all the prayers that was sent her way. God is so good!! I am forever grateful to all the people that was there for us.....

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