Monday, May 24, 2010

The Honeymoon!!

It is official!! I am now Mrs. Amanda Tuck!!! The day finally came, and it was perfect!! I am so blessed for the people I have in my life. When Michael and I dreamed of getting married I don't think we ever dreamed of it being so perfect. From what I hear I looked extremely nervous but that is OK because it is true, I do not do well in front of crowds of people but that is OK at least I was keeping it real.
I am going to blog about the wedding later when I get more pictures back so it will be soon but as of now I can talk about the honeymoon! It was perfect!! We just escaped up the road to our Hotel!! The Holiday Inn Express in Duncan, SC. We stayed there for 3 nights and it was great!! We had a hot tub and each other!! We did some shopping and some eating and some sleeping!! If you are a stay at home mother to 3 kids, then you totally understand what a little get away can be!! I must admit, I missed them and was glad to see them but it is still nice to get away and breathe.
I love Michael and I am so so very happy to be his wife...

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