Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Hero

As I am slowly getting some of my wedding pics I am going to try and blog about them so why not start with one of my favorite men and number one hero... My Daddy... I love my dad so much and am so happy he got to walk me down the isle. He was nervous but when he is nervous he always plays it off by being funny and that he was. He kept cracking everyone up. I know I make my dad happy now with the choices I am making in life. I know he is happy that I have decided to not only have my kids in church but I too want to be there and get my life right with God. Not only do I want too, I know it makes him so happy that "my husband" also wants to change his life around. I am not changing my life for my dad but it is a great feeling to go to bed at night and know the man that has did so much for me is proud of me. I will never forget those times when I went " a little wild" and those times I did really wrong and I had to look at him in the face and I remember tears in his eyes because I had disappointed him so much. It is a great feeling to know that I am making him proud. I love my daddy and thank him so much for always being on my side....

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