Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One more day!!

It is now one day till I get married!! I must admit I am feeling kinda nervous! I for sure am not nervous about marrying Michael, I know how much I love him and in return I know how much he loves me. I am kinda scared of falling on my face, people showing up and everything just going smooth...
I will still be very blessed if not one person shows up because I know how lucky I am to have met these wonderful people that are putting this wedding together for Michael and I. We feel so blessed to have Mayo First Baptist in our lives, not to mention how lucky we are to have our friends. Michael and I are so ready to get married and be a part of this wonderful church and I just hope one day I will be able to help make someone as happy as they have made us.
One thing is for sure, I am so ready to drop the "Martin" as a last name. That was such a big mistake I made in my life, getting that last name (Witch is a completely different story). I am so ready to be a "Tuck" and not a "Martin" YAY!!!
I love Michael and am so ready to be his Wife!!!!

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