Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Going to school.....

 That is right, I am going back to school!! I am going to Palmetto Beauty College and I love it. I took cosmetology way back in high school but I did not finish so I decided to go back. I got to admit, it is a real challenge with me trying to find a babysitter for Ada but so far I am doing it. I do not get to go everyday like I wish I could go because Michael may not be at home or who knows but usually I get to get my hours that I need for a week.
 You have to have 1500 hours to finish and I have like 130 hours!!!!! Oh Yeah!! but you got to start somewhere. I just can't wait to finish and to make money doing something I love doing. My kids and husband are really excited for me too and it should take me about a year if I can get the hours I need to get.... I will for sure be blogging more about this subject!!

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