Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Days seem smoother

 I think things are starting to look a little brighter... I don't think Michael being laid off was ever as bad as maybe it sounded. Today he went to the child support office to see about getting the payments lower and they said for sure that would happen. This is something Michael has been meaning to do since we had Ada but he just never got around to it. He has been paying way to much for a long time. This is a good thing... He is finally getting around to getting it lowered and this is something that  would have never got done if  he was working.
 Other good things in the coming is tomorrow he goes to his unemployment appointment and the person that is seeing him tomorrow is someone he knows from high school. He told Michael that he would do everything he could to get him a job. That is great news!!!
 It isn't that we have really got great news but it is kinda like things are not seeming to be as bad. One thing for sure is I am so glad we are good with God at this time. People are losing there jobs everyday and I can't not imagine going through this without having God in my life. We have been upset and scared but at least we have been able to find comfort in his word and had assurance that everything was going to be ok. As each day goes on I am getting more of a since of ease that things are going to be great.
 Thanks to my Lord for everything and just holding our hands through this time in our life's.

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