Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Friend Christie

If one day, years from now I am reading my blogs I want to be sure and be reminded of what a great friend I have always had from a special girl named Christie!!!!
Not that I don't have other great friends in my life that have there special qualities but today I just feel the need to blog about Christie!!
I met her about 6 years ago when I started working at Steak and Ale, she was actually my boss and to be honest at first she was not my favorite but give it a month and I loved her! We don't need to talk about all the stuff we did together ( because it is not good) but we had fun. At that time both of us was not really happy with our home life so we both had that in common and the other things we had in common would have been the bad things we did at that time... We have both had our ups and downs in life and both had some really low, lows. She did show me alot of favoritism at work but I for sure paid for that when she just all of a sudden moved to Florida for 3 months. Not long after she left Steak and ale, my last day came. I will never forget how I felt when she did move, I was heartbroken:( this girl that I had not known long but had been the greatest friend in the world to me was leaving!!! Little did I know that she would only be gone for just a few months and the day she moved back was the night of the 28th birthday party!! She came to my party all the way from Florida!! Then I was dating Michael and this was when she got to really meet Michael and wouldn't you know it Michael and her husband hit it off great!! The next year or so we was not doing as bad but we were parting alot and I mean ALOT!! She moved less than a mile from me and that was so awesome!! Things changed when I got pregnant with Ada, I was not partying anymore and that is also when I started really going to church. Christie got a little off on the wrong track during this time but she changed!! I remember alot of lonely times I have had during my choice to change but she is one person that has NEVER judged me and always been honest with me. We both had our wild spells and we both realized we had to grow up. We both have so much in common! If we go a few months without seeing each other and then we do we will like have some of the same furniture and stuff. Another thing is that we both really love our children and no matter what we have done we have both always taken care of our kids. We our both Awesome Moms!!! We have always liked the same music when both of our men would be all in to their headbanging music Christie and I would have to take charge and put our music in. We both are people pleasers!! We love to shop for other people first and really love to share anything we got. The list goes on and on of how much we have in common. I guess that is why we did hit it off so well.
Some of the things she has did for me I feel like I will never be able to repay her back weather it be material of just being there for me when I had No one else. So many times she has been my shoulder to cry on. So many times she has been my person to just really vent to. We have had our times where distance has grown between us but that first phone call and it is like we never had a gap. All in all she has been the best friend that anyone could ever ask for and she deserves the best that this life has to offer. I am so proud of her and the changes she has made in life. Christie is one to the most talented and amazing women I know, I hope one day she starts going to church because her heart is so good and that is just where she belongs. I love you Christie forever and always......

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