Monday, July 5, 2010

still being tested

It seems we are really being tested left and right are everything is just going wrong!! So far the second week on Michael being laid off the water pump went out on the van so we just have the Saturn to drive that has no air, I went to get my medications and had to pay full price because apparently mine and the kids medicaid had ran out, Michael's check did not go in when it normally does, so we are broke because that check has to be mailed, and my camera broke.
 The water pump went out and the belt broke on our van!! My dad said he will be able to fix it pretty cheap so I am not to worried about that because I know my dad has always taken care of my cars and if he says not to worry then I trust him. This weekend we just had to pile up in the small Saturn that has not air but at least we had a back up car!! I do realize how lucky we are to have my dad!!
 The Medicaid going out, I am just hoping after I go and apply again my kids will at least get it back. Josh has to take allergy shots twice a month and four different medications everyday for his allergies and asthma. I do take meds daily but I would much rather just be happy if I can get it for them. My fingers are crossed on that situation and I am praying. Josh has got very sick and even got pneumonia before without his medications.
 We was expecting his last check this past Friday to be in the bank but it was not there!! The money we did have is what I got my medications with because I thought his check was going in. They are mailing it and of course this is a holiday week! That just messed us up so much because of the bills we pay on that day so I will not be surprised if Charter does not cut the cable and Internet off before we get his check. That is not the big worry though it is just scary when you have NO MONEY!!
 And the last but not least, is my camera broke:( that just hurt my feelings. When you have kids a camera is a lot. I still enjoy looking at all my pictures of my babies because it is memories you cannot get back. This is not a life or death thing but just something I cherished and with our money situation I don't know when we will be able to get another one.
 All these things are going wrong but I am just glad we did kinda prepare ourselves for things to go wrong when we decided to live our lives for Jesus. I got to say that Michael and I have got down but it is amazing that we still felt so incredible when we went to church. We really are staying strong and we do know that everything will be okay. If God was not on our side I don't think we would have such a calm feeling inside as we do. I am so thankful that I do have God on my side now and we do have the people in our lives that we do have. I can't imagine going through these challenges we are facing, without hope. It is sad to look at the unemployment status and know that  most of those people don't have God in their lives. We are just so thankful to have something to look forward to.

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