Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am so thankful

In just a few more days Michael, Katie, and myself will be getting baptized! We are all excited! We have really worked hard to get where we are in our lives. It is not easy to give up a way of living that you have just become use to. The hardest thing for us would had to be and sometimes still is having faith. It is so amazing how GOD has been to us, just to show us we are doing the right thing. Last night Michael and I were talking about how we would be right now if we did not have God in our lives and I would be a wreck. I am a worry wort!! I sometimes cannot believe that I am not worried. I am just very cool about everything. We have been really broke this week. Michael has not got a unemployment check yet and also has not received his last paycheck but GOD has took care of us. We have managed to pay our bill and we are not starving.
 I have never felt like GOD was truly there for me, but I do now and I am so thankful to him for showing me his love. I don't want to bash Jehovah's Witness but growing up I never felt like I was good enough or that GOD loved me like he did everyone else. I pray for all the children that have to grow up the way I did. I just hope that they too can find out that it is not all about preparing yourself to the end of the world. I hope they to are strong enough to walk into  a church with a open mind and see that you are not going to get screamed at and told you are going to burn forever in a lake of fire. I have been going pretty steady for two years and not one time have I been told that I am going to hell.
 Thank you so much GOD for showing me a brighter way of life. Thank you for answering my prayers. You did hear my prayers of me asking you please show me the way. Thank you so much!

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