Saturday, July 3, 2010

Josh's Baptism

The 18 of this month Michael, Katie, and myself are supposed to get baptized and I just seen that I had not blogged about Josh's baptism and how proud I was of him.
For about two years Josh has been telling me he wanted to get baptized but I wanted to be sure he knew what he was doing. I talked to our new preacher about it and Josh had already spoken to him so I felt he was ready. I sure don't want to hold my kids back from wanting to live for the Lord.
 He was so happy!! It was so touching to watch your child do this, I had tears going down my face. I am very proud of my little man!!!! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful kids and it is an even greater feeling to know that they are happy worshiping God!!
Afterward we took him out to eat and he was just so proud of his Bible that he took it inside to eat with us:) I love my baby boy!

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