Sunday, June 2, 2013

Michael's broken foot...

I surely have not posted in a while with good reason.. As the title of this blog says, my husband broke his foot. As of now he has been out of work for 7 weeks. We have been really hurting but once again our wonderful God has stepped in and took great care of us. My wonderful God amazes me all the time. 
Our set back was that even though you get paid short term disability that you pay for as you work, you must wait for the work to give you the papers, then you take to  the doctor, then you take back to your work, then they fax it over and the company has to go over every thing. It took over 4 weeks for Michael to get his first pay check from them. He did get paid for a week after his injury, sadly that used all of his vacation days but what else could we do!?!?!?!
I have had to hold my head up high through this ordeal because I have had wonderful people in our life give us money and feed us. You can't help but feel helpless ,I must also mention how tired I have been taking care of three kids and a husband but that is what  a marriage is. I know he would do the same. Sadly we had to give up our beach house we almost had paid for but I know better times are just around the corner... I am so thankful to My Wonderful God for all he does for me....

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