Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Pictures, pictures, pictures.....

 This year for Christmas, Michael bought me a camera. Not just a camera but a Cannon Rebel. A professional camera! That is something I have always wanted but we have never really had the money for it. I have always been told I do a great job at taking pictures and editing pictures with just a normal camera and I always told Michael that if I ever got a nice one I would try my best to make a second income from it.  The LORD has really been by my side since I got my camera and have been trying.  I absolutely love taking pictures and LOVE to see their faces when I let them see the GREAT pictures I took!! 

 I know I may not go far but then again I also believe in chasing my dream. I will just enjoy the ride for now and hope that I keep getting to take pictures of people. I feel so grateful that I have got to take the pictures that I have taken. I have posted just a little bit of the work I have done

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