Monday, August 13, 2012

Too blessed to be stressed...

   Too blessed to be stressed.. Those are the words I have been trying to remember this week, I guess it has been a bittersweet week for me, and the good always out weighs the bad if you just stop and think about it.
 Within this week my two girls have started cheer leading practice and my son has started football practice and with that it includes trips to the shoe store to buy the right kind of shoes for the sport and for Josh you have to buy helmet and pads ( all that football stuff). The bitter part of the story is that my car has been in the shop all week. What a bummer and when you don't have a car, boy do you become grateful for you car when you do have it. When I get my car back I am giving her a good bath and going to buy a new front plate or something. LOL
 Moving on to a better note, my kids are all doing a sport now and school starts in a week, so we are about to start a busy time for our family, but I feel really blessed that I am able to put my kids in sports and feel even more blessed that Michael will be able to watch them this year!! He has been on second shift for so long and the kids have really missed him watching them do there sports.
 So we have been stressed being without a car and hitching a ride to this place and that place but more so we are so blessed to have the things we do have. I thank God everyday for my many blessings....

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