Friday, July 20, 2012

Finially first shift!!!

After almost 3 years of working second shift, my husband finally gets first shift!!! Yay!! 
Working second shift is a hard shift to work but add the fact that you always work a couple of hours overtime and it is worse. 
 Michael worked two days second shift this week and on Tuesday night they told him to come back Wednesday morning and start first shift. That was a little hard but that was OK because we was so excited to have first shift!! 
 The even better news to this, is that it is just in time for football season. Football season is like candy to our little family and the last couple of years sucked because I had to go to some high school football games with just me and the kids. I am so excited to know that my husband can now go with me!! Yay
 I am very thankful to God for this because first shift is also gonna be so much better for Michael's health and his spiritual life. If you are a diabetic it is very important that you live you life on a schedule and eat at the same time everyday. When Michael works second shift he usually only eats twice a day and that is not good. The past couple of days that he has worked first he has ate three times a day. Fingers crossed, this will make all of his sugar problems go away.
 Last but not least is Michael's spiritual life... When Michael became the most spiritual in his life was when he was on first shift. It was a great time for us. He really enjoyed going to church every time the doors were open  and I am just praying that this is what God has planned for our life again.

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