Thursday, August 23, 2012

Fan Appreciation Day At Clemson!!

 This past Sunday, the family and I went to fan appreciation day at Clemson University!! I am pleased to say the we had so much fun! Josh and Katie was getting all the autographs that they could and I will admit that I even seen Josh break in front of a few people. We did not get Sammy Watkins autograph :( the line for him was just absolutely crazy. We did try but if we would have got his we would not have had time to get other autographs and pictures. The main person I wanted was Dabo Swinney  and we did get his along with some great snap shots! I love Dabo, I love to hear him talk and think he is a wonderful coach, The funniest story behind our little trip to see Dabo is, the whole trip up to Clemson, Michael was like.. I will be sure you get Dabo's autograph and just being all tough with the ego of a "man" well as soon as we got close to Dabo and it was our time to go up to him... Michael got starstruck and forgot about me being the one that loves Dabo. Michael hands me the camera and says take my picture, and then Dabo speaks to Michael and he studers. He could not even talk!! Finally after Michael was done and he takes my picture with him,

 It was just a wonderful day. It was things I did not get to do as I was growing up just because football was not my family's thing. I now could not live without football!! I love football

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