Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thinking about the times with my Miss. Hardin

Up late and wish I could go to sleep but thanks to my three year old, I guess we will be staying up tonight. I was flipping the remote and came across the show "The Golden Girls'. I love this show, but it was the strangest feeling tonight as I was watching the show, I could feel myself in my grandma's house when I was little watching that show. I could feel the heat in her house, because she use to keep her house so hot. I could just feel the whole scene of us watching this show, up late at night like we use to. I do miss her, I use to stay with her a lot on weekends and I always had fun. She would let me paint her nails and fix her hair, man did she love to shop. Because she drove so slow, it use to take us forever to get to the mall but once we got there, she could out walk me in the mall. She was someone that never judged people, once I was a teenager and got into an argument with my mom, I could go spend the night with her and she would ask no questions and still have my cereal ready for me the next morning. I remember I always called her Mrs. Hardin because everyone around me called her that, anyways she use to ask me to call her Grandma or Minnie. I remember trying but it just never sounded right to me. I sure do wish now that I would have called her one of those names. Most importantly she loved the Lord, she use to love dressing up and going to church. My mom raised me as a Jehovah's wittiness and she use to beg me to just try going to church and every since the day she went to be with the Lord I have attended her home church. I miss my grandma (aka, Miss Hardin and Melvenna)

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