Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In with the new and out with the old...........

 In with the new and out with the old......... that means to me getting rid of all the negative comments I have been getting lately and bringing in positive comments only!!! You should only be with people who uplift you!! Why is it that people that are "supposed to care for you"   why do they have to let you know you have gained weight over and over again??? First of all, trust me, if you are a female, you know when you gain weight. Second, if they are concerned about your health why say something over and over again? Why not say it in a nice way?  I am just saying, if I had a buck for every comment I have gotten about my weight, I would be rich. I know I need to lose weight but it hurts me that know one seems to care that maybe I have gained because I am depressed. I have really had alot going on in my life so I chose to close myself up in my home. I have been closed up for awhile and my family knows I have been depressed and they see me and the first thing I hear from most people is you are getting to big Amanda!! Amanda, you need to lose weight!! Amanda, you can't get no bigger! Wow!! thanks my loving family.... love you to.. It is ok because I know I will snap back. I have gained weight before and I have always lost it. I am almost sure I will this time with the feedback I am getting. Theme of my blog....... be nice and think before you stab someone in the heart.

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