Wednesday, September 8, 2010

one step forward and quite a few backwards:(

 It seems we are taking one step forward and about twenty steps back. Michael just got an email that he did not get the job he had been waiting weeks to get. It is hard to be positive because we both were so excited about this job and it sounded so promising. I know we have got to pick ourselves up and keep looking. I am trying so hard to not be depressed in front on Michael because I know he is so down. It is just so hard sometimes. I just really feel like it is our time to get something good. I mean we really would not have any luck at all if it was not for bad luck. I know if we stay strong that God does have a plan I hope he doesn't get upset with me whining at this time because I do have faith. I really do, I am just down and depressed at this time. I don't know the answer to making yourself not be depressed because I have tried everything and sometimes it just hits me. I am praying that God just take us in his hands and make it to where we can just have somewhat of a worry free life.

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