Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The past month summed up...

This time I have really went to long without blogging but I felt like I was whining about the same thing every time I got on here. The face that Michael lost his job. Well an update would be, he still has not found a job but he is still having promising interviews. God has still took really great care of us. We do want him to find a job but we can't complain as far as our needs because that story is just to amazing on how he has taken care of us. I know this time has been a blessing in disguise but sometimes it is hard to see it but I know one day we will see it. 
Other things that happened is Josh and Katie started school again. Josh went to the third grade and so far he is very happy with his teacher. I also like her and that is always a plus. Katie started second grade and at first she had Miss.Parris and she was so so so happy but they changed her teacher and I don't know how that will be yet. We will update on that later.
 Josh also started football and he is kicking butt!!! I am proud of him. Katie was supposed to start cheer leading but there is not enough to sign up for a team so I am now in the process of trying to start Girl Scouts in our area. So far it is looking good.
 Michael started playing softball and he is really really enjoying it. I feel bad because I am missing some of it because of Josh's football practice. I hope things will work out and I can see some of the games.
 A really awesome thing happened at church, my dad got saved, became a member of Mayo and is getting baptized. I can't explain the awesome feeling that was. I am proud of him....
 A bad thing that happened is Michael and I don't have Medicaid so I am worried about him running out of his meds and I am worried about running out of mine also. I hate that I take pain medication but I have tried to go without and I know I need it. I hate the fact of knowing I need  meds to not have a head ache, but I figure all I can do is be happy about it.
 My baby girl Ada is growing up, she will be two in October and I am just shocked of how she is growing. My baby is growing up but we can for sure tell we are hitting the terrible two's....
Well that is pretty much what has happened  to me the past month. I hope my next blog will be talking about Michaels new job!!! God is Great All the Time!!!

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