Thursday, August 5, 2010

My wonderful church

Yesterday had to be one of my most depressing days and to be honest I am not really sure why. I know Michael does not have a job at this time and we are broke but when I think about it, I have not wanted for anything!! We are eating good and my kids are not going to start school wanting anything.
 I think sometimes staying inside a house all day can just get to ya. My point in my story is that I am so lucky to be part of the wonderful church that I am a part of. They really reached out for me just because they seen I was having a bad day. I tell ya I think if I could go to church everyday, I  would. I just go to church and forget about everything else and just really feel good inside. I am so thankful that I made to choice to let Jesus be my savior!! It don't matter that the devil is trying really hard to pull my family down because God is making it that I always come out on top. I pray that anyone that is curious about the bible like I was and wondering if they can live for God, that they act on it because it is so amazing the works of GOD.

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