Monday, March 19, 2012

Slightly broken hearted....

   Today I made my Josh and Katie's birthday party plans and to my surprise... I created the event on face book to invite all my friends, well I go to pick people out of my church and as I am looking for all the people in my Sunday school class, none of them are my friends on face book. I have been dealing with a feeling of not being excepted in my church for about a year but for them to go and delete me... I just don't understand. Some of the people I don't hardly know but some of them I have known for a long time. I just don't get why these people are being so mean to me. I always considered myself a really nice person and Mayo first baptist is my home church and now I feel like they are just kicking me out. It took me years to find a church that I loved as much as I loved that church and it is like all of a sudden they just don't care about me..... I am hurt and I am determined to find me a new home church, I know it will take time but I know it will happen. When I do, I will never make someone feel the way this church has made me feel. I don't even know half these people but they know I am in there Sunday school class, and know that I have missed some Sunday's, it just seems they would be trying to get me back instead of pushing me away. I will pick my heart up and keep going but I pray they realize how they have hurt me. I really do..

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