Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My Nephew's car wreck

Last night we got a awful phone call that my nephew had been in a bad car accident. My sister calls me and we rush to the hospital, when we got there they were doing x-ray so we did not know yet how he was doing and know one had told us for sure how he was. Finally we get to see him and he looked really bad but from the past of me dealing with Katie's 4 wheeler wreck I knew that the looks of a wreck are usually always going to be scary. Then they started telling us how bad it was. They said his femer bone had been broke completely into and the bones in his heel were just crushed. He actually had bones sticking out of his skin. He also had a lot of gashes in his head and arms. They got him relaxed with some pain meds and today they did operate on him. It was a 3 hour surgery. We waited and my sister came home to get some things and as soon as she got home she got a call from the doctor during the surgery saying she needed to get back to the hospital to sign a consent form saying it was okay to give a blood transfusion. It seemed that he had lost a lot of blood or more than they expected. We got back to the hospital and waited for the doctor and finally he came and we did not get great news. The doctor told us that is was worse than he was hoping. The leg was broke in four places but that was not his main concern, it was the bones crushed in his heel. He said he was scared that the skin there was already dead and would not be able to heal. If it did not heal he said they would have to take his leg off!!! That is just devastating news. My nephew is only 23 years old and I am just praying that he will heal and they will not have to do this. My nephew just dealt with his dad not being in his life but then seeing him on his death bed two days before he died.
 I love my nephew so much!! We have always been there for each other and I sometimes feel like he is another child of mine or one of my best friends. I am praying that God will just hold Bradley close to his heart.
The other big thing that happened with Bradley is that when her wrecked he was driving drunk so he go a DUI. I just feel so bad and wish he would not have been driving while drinking. That is now the past and we have to move past that and just take care of Bradley. Please Do Not Drink and Drive!!!

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